Horoscope 2021 for every zodiac sign


The first seven weeks of 2021, you are in a strong financial suit. Your buying power enhances, as does your taste and your discernment for true values. You are resourceful, expanding in real estate, property or even art collection matters.

What you acquire now will retain its value and grow over time. March & April you are on top of the world. Circulate and meet new friends. Your actions are well designed to promote yourself and your network. May is a time for restoring your home, in which you feel appreciated as center of attraction.

Summer you feel love coming to you. Your generosity is boundless. September & October you need to start relating to others more than to yourself and see their viewpoints.

From July until November, you come into a leadership position for investment projects and finding venture capital. Investigate opportunities! It is your strongest financial year in many ways to be sure. December you get the urge to travel faraway or to engage in higher studies.


2021 opens for you in a way that makes you feel in charge. However, your relating abilities are a bit reduced.

Your ruler Venus tracks back in your sector of philosophical understanding, and while you may not feel as being completely understood or appreciated, you retain nevertheless your capability of leading the way in charming ways.

February puts you back on par. All year long, you look at big blue Jupiter moving through your opposite sign Scorpio, giving you the ability to form expanding alliances and new relationships. Spring is your strongest time of the year.

May & June the world comes to you. The weak link in your chain is situated in your home affairs and to some degree in affairs of the heart. Relocation or downsizing could turn out to be a blessing in disguise later on.

You may fall in love in fall and experience deep and satisfying ‘encounters’. As of November, you must start to focus on ‘other people’s money’ and investment funding. Share what your resources evenly!


2021 starts with your thinking of eternal values, suiting you well after the party years. Pluto still urges you to relate truthfully to others from now on, you should have learned the lessons by now. Do not travel or sign a contract in March, July, and from 10/27 to 11/18; ruler Mercury plays tricks on you.

Look inward during those times and review your speech patterns. Work, service to others and matters of health are highlighted all year long with the ruler of your opposite sign traveling through your zone of comfort co-ruled by Mercury.

Watch a tendency again to spread yourself too thin this year. March & April empowers you to be you: Sparkling, brilliant, fast, and too clever. In summer, you feel loved. Financial dealings go well in August when you also start to relate better to your immediate friends or surroundings.

Your weakest link in the chain is your network and relations with authority figures. You don’t thumb your nose unnecessarily against wiser family members or teachers. Study spirituality!


Your bargaining power, resources, and inner values are tested in 2021. Your loved one/s acts up in January and returns to sanity in February. True love runs very deep forever.

April & May you feel the forces sustain you. June & July, you expand your little hoarding habits; you feel buying power returns to you. August & September, you move into empowering situations in your neighborhood and workplaces. October & November add to this a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Matters of the heart and children around you give you much pleasure. There is a streak and a potential in you to reach for faraway countries. It could be that rebel strangers from afar knock on your door. Open your abode to them, for they come like the magis to teach you and your clan ancient, wise, and eternal values.

Engage in high-level studies, start to see that all the good work you do at home reflects in a potential network into which you belong. You would make a great innkeeper or hotelier as of 2021.


Master of time and order – Saturn – in your sign until August of next year (2022) demands of you to get serious.

The party is over. Now the managerial, coordinating, and wiser abilities in you are tested, and if you pass the test of time, you will receive a superb promotion, CEO, kind of like a king’s ransom, so to speak. Matters of the heart may not be to your liking.

2021 is about you becoming the boss, if you can convince Cosmos of your birthright. Discipline and timeliness is all. To be on time is the courtesy of a king. Do not make long-term commitments until April. Review 2021’s progress and fix what you can. May to September you feel like being hoisted back on your throne.

Watch the delusionary associates you deal with closely. In August love is in the air, weekend 8/26 could even be the time for wedding bells. If it’s not your own, give away your favorite daughter. Look at it as an investment in time. Home expansion and improvement are due and much deserved by year-end.


Until 4/4, you must review details missed during the fast expansion of 2005. You cannot commit to more avenues than you handled by the end of 2005.

In February & March, your perception and action radius enhance. Your mind is sharp as a razor, and you handle many people’s affairs. Relationships need careful attention in spring. Associations are on the eccentric and enlightening side.

Recruiting and networking is the key all summer long, when your light shines bright. People are attracted to you and by your critical, meticulous discernment. 9/22 is a total solar eclipse & an equinox at 29 degrees Virgo.

A 19-year cycle ends: you are hereby empowered! However, avoid a power play; just lead the way -by service to others. Say, “How can I help you?” and then take charge!

In October, you enhance your net worth, knowing your true value lies in your management and engineering skills. You attract art and creativity to you. By All Saints Day, you have your clan around you, in a neat home – faraway.


The first eight weeks of 2021 are a tad too cut throat for your fine taste. Love is not what it should be, and your home front needs a complete overhaul.

You might as well throw out the baby with the bathtub. Your networking circles are on hold until 4/4. However, your investment banking skills are in demand, tap into new funding sources and be resourceful.

Spring brings breezy new friendships and smart associations. Attend to your career and treat your allies with due respect in May. Causes and associations you believe in deserve your support all summer long, when you have to work on all fronts and be all things to all people.

Fall is your best season with all inner planets in your sign. The 9/22 solar eclipse equinox is a new start in life for you, heralding you taking back your power, good for you, as you experience inner peace of mind.

November & December expand your values and portfolios. Invest in one intense artwork. It will make you rich as well as adorn your new party home.


This is your absolute power year! In fact, 2021 is your best year in a decade. Jupiter until 11/22 in your sign – when sun, moon, and Jupiter switch into Sagittarius – will make your wildest dreams come true. Before you veer to the intense if not insane control side, be aware that Jupiter magnifies both good & ill luck. It depends on your intent as to how this stellar year ends for you.

To be sure, you can have all or nothing. In winter, you had better deal with partners in a fair and square way.

Do not drive them crazy; listen to their needs. Spring – summer you must tread easy, because ruler Pluto in Sag turns on you, while Sag ruler Jupiter (in cute mutual reception) rolls back through your sign. Doing nothing is part of the delicate art of strategy, to see it unfold.

On 7/7, Jupiter green lights your expansion; do not over-indulge yourself! 9/3 is the go ahead for outer transformation. As of 10/23 (six planets in Scorpio), it’s time for cruise control. Search data like a spy; watch secrets from 10/27 – 11/18! Your net worth is sky high. Trust Cosmos!


2021 ends a 12-year cycle of your life. Your ruler Jupiter cruises through your 12th solar house of endings, undoings, and things spiritual if not super-natural.

You must aim towards accomplishing what you were after since early 1995, when overlord Pluto charged into your sign. Pluto’s terminal transformational trip has taught you that life is change, and that change is everything. You can count your lucky stars to be alive when you read this line.

Winter you have a lot of work to attend to, and your loved ones may sap your energy as well drain your cash flow. In February & March, you expand your horizons and make smart business partnerships; perhaps with a Gemini, or two. 3/3 – 7/7, you must look inward to build up spiritual reserves. July you might switch to two new 27 associates who talk fast. Your sense of family and roots undergoes change all year long.

The last six weeks are your best time, signaling the new 12 year cycle, the shift in you, when you go on a star trek journey…


As 2021 gets underway, communications are good, but you feel unappreciated until early February.

Then things improve. Inner restructuring takes until 4/4, when ruler Saturn urges you to seek secrecy and outside investment funding for your large-scale projects.

In spring, your partner may want to redo your home; you will have to approve the request to keep the peace. Look into untried ways of communications.

Finding the true balance between offensive and defensive strategies will be an ongoing occupation all year long.

Despite a feeling of constantly being hemmed in, the causes you believe in, the networks you manage – and as of September, your career – will make gradual, unseen progress until, by year’s end, as usual, you feel you accomplished your goal and you are right on schedule with your well laid plans. However, be aware that Capricorns plan and God laughs.

It is a complex year for you in which you will need to make many adjustments and plan for the unplanned.


Asteroid Chiron, archetype Centaur, wounded healer, teacher, and energy shape-shifter, starts a five-year trek through your sign. Greek mythology suggests that Saturn’s orphan child studied music, magic, astrology, poetry, hunting, war, and healing.

He became so famous that the gods sent him their prodigy children to foster. YOU must become Chiron NOW; born from 1/20-1/28 it applies to you in 2021.

Neptune also transits you for many more years deepening your compassion and giving you psychic abilities. Your status enhances over this year.

You feel loved and understood in March, expand financially in April on a lucky streak, and yet your partners and associates give you a headache or reality check in all year long.

Networks or group connections are your usual forte and become an asset after the middle of November. Do legends now end? Chiron – he who can heal the world but not himself – trades places with Prometheus.

What does it mean? You must be all things to all people. We are all one and we all need you, the grail bearer. Make sure the last cup is for you!


Jupiter cruises at high altitude and speed through your zone of long distance travel and perceptive spirituality, opening the gates of heaven to you.

If you are an escapist, now is time to link to your higher self. Become your maximum human potential: a mystic. If you are of service, you will be happy by year’s end.

Say what you mean in March. You know what you mean, but the other 11 signs don’t have your surround sound vision to understand you. Appreciation, social connections, and fast love are in the air – in that order! Cinco de Mayo 5/5 could lead to a shotgun marriage; love at first sight.

Chances are he or she is an Aries. By now, you tried all signs only to find the Alpha is the Omega.

By August, you must get down to business, even if you don’t feel like it. In October, you feel like an empire divided within; and then, you cruise like a dolphin, in tune with time’s waves.

This makes it a year of bliss. Do you want 100% freedom? Then carve it out! Don’t’ worry; you will not be stuck for long with Uranus in mutual reception to Neptune!