Aries 2021 Horoscope

In January, May and October 2021 the greater benefic Jupiter forms a difficult angle to unpredictable Uranus. This alignment could indicate a sudden change to your travel plans due to a situation connected to your distant past. You may have to re-schedule your itinerary and prepare to have a Plan B ready for any other chaotic conditions.

In February and June 2021 Saturn will again oppose Neptune (as it did last year) and this can bring some unusual problems into your area of friendships or connected to your beloved or a child. You may have to step out of your comfort zones to be able to deal with this.

In March Jupiter makes a helpful link to Saturn that could inspire you to take a long distance trip, either interstate of overseas, with either your child or a lover. Your sound judgment at this time will guide you towards success.

In August Saturn makes a helpful link to Pluto which could stabilise your romantic life with someone who lives at a distance or who is from a different background than yourself. Fields afar will capture your attention and you may develop a passion for studying foreign cultures.

In October Jupiter forms a helpful link to Neptune which could bring a lucky chance in connection to any traveling you do at this time. Rewards via friends are very likely and you may reach one of the goals you have been aiming for.

December 2021 brings a close alliance between Jupiter and Pluto that could completely alter your ideas about where you want to settle down, and this could be in a country very different from where you now live. You may even choose to marry someone of a different culture to yourself.

During the next eleven months, the ‘greater benefic’ Jupiter, will occupy your sector of travel, higher education, studies and connections to foreign people or places and will go into retrograde (backwards) phase for four months between April and early August 2021. The desire to travel and expand your views of the world will be heightened like you have never known before. Use this time to get a different perspective on life or to learn about other cultures, lifestyles and philosophies. You could also enroll in a place of higher learning to aid your career later in life.

Then in mid December 2021 Jupiter will enter your sector of career, status, reputation and how you are seen in the eyes of the world and will remain there for one whole year. This gives you the most fortunate opportunities to achieve whatever your career ambitions are. You will be aided by those wiser and more experienced than yourself and you will enjoy the recognition that accompanies this new journey in life.

Saturn the taskmaster of the zodiac will continue to occupy your sector of romance, children, creativity, speculation and the pleasures of life, up until September 2021. Saturn however, will be in retrograde motion (backwards) between January and April. These areas may be productive of onerous obligations and duties that seem to wear you down. Your level of creativity may be at an all time low, so pace yourself accordingly. While in the retrograde phase this can seem particularly depressive, though it can give you a second chance to become more aware of what your real responsibilities are. During the direct phase of this planet (between mid April and mid December 2021) you will be able to do what you have to do with more of a smile on your face.

In September 2021 Saturn is on the move and will enter Virgo and occupy your sector of health, work and your daily routines for the next two and a half years. This can be hard on your health where you may have back or knee problems, or you feel weighed down by too many responsibilities which may lead to a melancholic or depressing phase. Your work situation may be oppressive or you have to work in sordid conditions, or where it is dark, cramped or damp. It may seem as though your working life is not giving you any rewards. During the direct phase (between September and mid December 2021) you can realistically assess what work is your responsibility, and what tasks should be assigned to another. You may have to take a tonic, multivitamins or place your health on a higher priority than previously.

Uranus, the planet of change, will continue to occupy your sector of secrets, behind the scenes people and places such as hospitals or retreats during which time he will be in retrograde phase between late June and late November 2021. This can be a time of discovery about your hidden motives and your subconscious desires that leads to spiritual enlightenment. The retrograde phase however can give you time to digest all this new information and then assess it realistically during the direct phase of this planet (January to June and again late November to December 2021).

Neptune the planet of mystery, will continue will continue to occupy your sector of friends, hopes, wishes and any groups or committees that you belong to, though will go into retrograde (backwards) phase between late May and up to the end of October 2021. This is a time of meeting with very spiritually orientated people or forming with groups who are of the same kindred spirit. During the retrograde phase however, you may question your judgment of these people, and assess whether this is based on reality when this planet goes direct (January to May and again in November and December).

Pluto, the transformer of the zodiac will continue to occupy your sector of travel, higher education, studies and connections to foreign people or places and will move from twenty seven degrees to twenty nine degrees of Sagittarius. During this time Pluto will turn retrograde (backwards) between April and early September 2021. Your aims and actions in these departments of your life can bring transformative conditions. You could totally alter your belief systems. This influence has been operating for many years and will continue up until late 2008. During the retrograde phase you may discover some deep and profound reasons for your life and perhaps even consider living in another country. During the direct phase (January to March 2021 and again from September to the end of the year) you will come to realize what truly works for you in terms of your religious and spiritual beliefs and your destiny.