Libra 2021 Horoscope

In January, May and October 2021 the greater benefic Jupiter forms a difficult angle to unpredictable Uranus. This alignment could indicate a sudden change in the way you think and this can influence your future choices in terms of where you want to work and how you want to earn a living. You may do an about turn and make some radical changes to your health regime and to your work commitments.

In February and June 2021 Saturn will again oppose Neptune (as it did last year) and this may manifest as a lessening of your romantic notions and a feeling that people are letting you down and leaving you abandoned. A friend may show his/her true colours, revealing they are not the kind of person you want in your life.

In March Jupiter makes a helpful link to Saturn which will assist you to reach a cherished goal and this may be helped by a long time friend. You are now able to become more empowered by what you have learnt in the past.

In August Saturn makes a helpful link to Pluto which will give you a greater feeling of self-confidence and improved communication skills so that you are able to fulfill your obligations. Your determination to succeed will bring you long lasting rewards that can help to make your home base more secure than you have ever known before.

In October Jupiter forms a helpful link to Neptune and this could lead to a new career in the field of writing or communication. Your intuition will be very strong and give you the necessary ingredient to aim for success.

December 2021 brings a close alliance between Jupiter and Pluto which can bring you fame, fortune and power at your disposal if you choose to put your best foot forward. You will gain recognition from the general public through the powerful tone of your words, speech and writing.

During the next eleven months, the ‘greater benefic’ Jupiter will occupy your sector of communications, siblings, neighbours and short distance travel and will go into retrograde (backwards) phase for four months between April and early August 2021. This is the perfect time to express yourself, especially verbally or in writing. You could also take up some studies that lead to future progress in your career. You could write that novel you have previously started or become a freelance writer for a magazine.

Then in mid December 2021 Jupiter will enter will enter your sector of home and family matters and your early upbringing and will remain there for one whole year. This is a wonderful time to move house as you will tend to choose somewhere that is very spacious and gives you a feeling of freedom of movement. You may feel as though you want to live there forever, so choose wisely. Your home and family will become a source of pleasure and happiness.

Saturn the taskmaster of the zodiac will continue to occupy your sector of friends, hopes, wishes and any groups or committees that you belong to, up until September 2021. Saturn however, will be in retrograde motion (backwards) between January and April. You may become more serious minded and associate with more mature or elderly people than usual. However it can also be a time when you tend to isolate yourself, even from your long-term friends. During the retrograde phase you may wonder whether it is worth your effort to continue with some of your goals and may even separate yourself from those you normally associate with. Your social life may take a nose dive as you are just not interested in being out and about. During the direct phase (between mid April and mid December 2021) you can decide who you want to mingle with and go after your dreams with a maturity that was not there before.

In September 2021 Saturn is on the move and will enter Virgo and occupy your sector of secrets, behind the scenes people and places such as hospitals or retreats up for the next two and a half years. There may be a need to get some medical or hospital care during this time that is prolonged and brings various restrictions into your life. There may be back problems develop that inhibit your freedom of movement. During the retrograde phase it may seem that issues or people connected to your distant past are getting in the way of your future plans. During the direct phase (between September and mid December 2021) you may have to take some responsibility for your previous actions that will eventually liberate you from what went before.

Uranus, the planet of change, will continue to occupy your sector of health, work and your daily routines during which time he will be in retrograde phase between late June and late November 2021. You can safely believe that this area of your life will not remain static while this planet is in this sector. Your health may be unpredictable and you have to deal with matters at a moments notice. Changes can occur spontaneously and with no warning. You may decide to work in a totally different area than you are used to. Fields such as electronics, aviation, modern technology, inventions and astrology are some of the areas that may take your interest now. During the retrograde phase you could alter your whole daily routine and upset those you work with and have to deal with every day. During the direct phase (January to June and again late November to December 2021) the excitement that is generated from your decision to do precisely what you want will be worth it.

Neptune the planet of mystery, will continue to occupy your sector of romance, children, creativity, speculation and the pleasures of life, though will go into retrograde (backwards) phase between late May and up to the end of October 2021. This can be a time of high productivity if you are at all creative and can put your imagination to good use. Your romantic notions though may become very sentimental and dreamy and you could have some wonderful experiences with your lover that make you feel you have met your soul mate. During the retrograde phase there may be some questionable times that confuse what you thought was a very real and deep felt emotion for the object of your desire. During the direct phase (January to May and November to December) the enlightenment you receive will serve you well in the decisions and commitments you make to your beloved.

Pluto, the transformer of the zodiac will continue to occupy your sector of communications, siblings, neighbours and short distance travel and will move from twenty seven degrees to twenty nine degrees of Sagittarius. During this time Pluto will turn retrograde (backwards) between April and early September 2021. You can achieve a real sense of power in how you relate to others, especially in the written and spoken word. Whether you decide to write for a living or do some public speaking, it will be done with great conviction and passion. Your relationships with your siblings may take a turn that leads to irrevocable situations. During the retrograde phase you may need to do some serious thinking and planning about your future direction in the area of communications. During the direct phase (January to March 2021 and again from September to the end of the year) your true sense of self will become apparent and you will be able to pursue your dreams easier.