Pisces 2021 Horoscope

In January, May and October 2021 the greater benefic, and your co-ruling planet Jupiter forms a difficult angle to unpredictable Uranus. This alignment could indicate a sudden elevation to a position of high standing within the community that will require split second thinking to adapt to. You may feel as though you have been thrown into the deep end of the pool, but this will ultimately challenge you to meet your true destiny. The ride may be bumpy at times, but at least it will not be boring.

In February and June 2021 Saturn will again oppose your other co-ruling planet Neptune (as it did last year) which may make you feel stifled both physically and mentally. Your perception of your life and your past may be distorted by being given the wrong information, or perhaps even the wrong medication if you have an illness at this time.

In March your co-ruling planet Jupiter makes a helpful link to Saturn that can bring a career opportunity that has long term ramifications and rewards attached to it. You may successfully publish a book or receive other types of recognition for your work. Be ready to travel in connection with your career during this very significant time.

In August Saturn makes a helpful link to Pluto so glam yourself up ready to ask for a favour from those in a position above you, as you will be welcomed with open arms. You have the potential now to rise above your station and gain the recognition you know you have truly deserved.

In October your co-ruling planet Jupiter forms a helpful link to your other co-ruling planet Neptune that will enhance your psychic abilities and give you clarification of what you should be doing with your life. A golden opportunity may be offered that elevates your career to unprecedented heights. It might get dizzy up there, but at least you will have fun and feel alive for the first time in many years.

December 2021 brings a close alliance between your co-ruling planet Jupiter and Pluto giving you the ultimate opportunity to show the whole wide world out there what you can do. The power of your ambitions will carry you forward and upward to the absolute glory of reaching the stars.

During the next eleven months, the ‘greater benefic’ Jupiter, which is your co-ruling planet, will occupy your sector of career, status, reputation and how you are seen in the eyes of the world. This gives you the most fortunate opportunities to achieve whatever your career ambitions are. You will be aided by those wiser and more experienced than yourself and you will enjoy the recognition that accompanies this new journey in life.

Then in mid December 2021 your co-ruling planet Jupiter will enter your sector of friends, hopes, wishes and any groups or committees that you belong to and will remain there for one whole year. You will undoubtedly involve yourself with far more people in your social circle than ever before, some of whom may be well-travelled, far more experienced than yourself and have a jovial attitude to life.

Saturn the taskmaster of the zodiac will continue to occupy your sector of health, work and your daily routines up until September 2021. Saturn however, will be in retrograde motion (backwards) between January and April. This can be hard on your health where you may have back or knee problems, or you feel weighed down by too many responsibilities which may lead to a melancholic or depressing phase. Your work situation may be oppressive or you have to work in sordid conditions, or where it is dark, cramped or damp. It may seem as though your working life is not giving you any rewards. During the retrograde phase you may take a bleak attitude towards your health, work and daily routines. Your health may suffer due to overwork. You will need to take some respite where possible. During the direct phase (between mid April and mid December 2021) you can realistically assess what work is your responsibility, and what tasks should be assigned to another. You may have to take a tonic, multivitamins or place your health on a higher priority than previously.

In September 2021 Saturn is on the move and will enter Virgo and occupy your sector of marriage and business partnerships and any public presentations for the next two and a half years. This is often felt as a time when you feel that your beloved is just not responding to you or you feel alienated and separated from them either emotionally, mentally or physically. You may also have to take care of your beloved or a business partner, due to their ill health of other condition beyond your control. It may seem as though this is a time of testing in your relationship and this long transit can seem onerous. During the retrograde phase there may appear to be undue responsibilities attached to your beloved that restrict your freedom of movement in varied ways. During the direct phase (between September and mid December 2021) there will be evidence that you are doing your duty out of love for your other half, and not because you have to.

Uranus, the planet of change, will continue to occupy your own sign and sector of self and how you relate to others, during which time he will be in retrograde phase between late June and late November 2021. This will prove to be the most exciting years of your life as you adjust to new conditions of living and do things you have never been brave enough to do before. Astrology, aviation, modern technology and computers may pay a big role in what you do and how you do it. During the retrograde phase you will search for new and exciting ways to fill your life so that you are no longer bored. Anyone who tries to hold you back will be ignored. During the direct phase (January to June and again late November to December 2021) you will make many changes and adjustments and find the niche you have been looking for all your life that has more meaning to you on a very personal level.

The planet of mystery Neptune, which is your other co-ruling planet, will continue to occupy your sector of secrets, hospitals, people and places behind the scenes and retreats, though will go into retrograde (backwards) phase between late May and up to the end of October 2021. This can be a time when you selflessly give to others with no thought of reward for yourself. You may choose to work in a hospital or in a voluntary capacity for the under-privileged. There may be times however when you may decide that the people you are helping may not really deserve it. You can tap the wisdom of the cosmos if you are psychic and become aware of some tremendously significant insights into your life. During the retrograde phase your intuition may be off key and this could cause you to make errors that could have been avoided if you had taken more time. During the direct phase (January to May and November to December) there will be insight gained from past experiences that helps you to make more realistic decisions about yourself, and your future potential.

Pluto, the transformer of the zodiac will continue to occupy your sector of career, status, reputation and how you are seen in the eyes of the world, and will move from twenty seven degrees to twenty nine degrees of Sagittarius. During this time Pluto will turn retrograde (backwards) between April and early September 2021. You can come into power at this time if you so desire. Your passion to achieve leadership and have a position of great influence will be very strong and determined. You could enter politics, or perhaps even marry someone who is a V.I.P. During the retrograde phase your efforts to be where you want to be may be thwarted only by your own intensity to move ahead too quickly. During the direct phase (January to March 2021 and again from September to the end of the year) it will become obvious that you are the one to whom others can look to for leadership and direction.